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Welcome to the products page. Here you'll find an overview of some of our products.
Each product is presented to you with a small foto and some information about the selected product. At each product page you have the possibility to choose for extra (technical) information. This extra information consists of: blueprints, technical details and in the near future also diagrams of the output will be presented. Another option with some of the product is to view external reviews. In the future we will translate more of the (Dutch) reviews and put them online.
If you want more information about a certain product, don't hesitate to contact us. Check the section React for the needed information.

Down here are listed some of our products, please note that this page is made for Lynx users. When you are watching a product then use the backoption of Lynx to go back to this page. If you accidentally came to this page then click here

The products:

Cadans 3
Cadans 5/IV
Cadans 28 Twintower
Rectangle 15
TAF-Q Amplifier
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If you have found something of your interest then contact us, see the section React for the needed information. If wanted we will demonstrate our products with pleasure.